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Why Bloom Community Midwives?

Our care includes:  



As soon as you have a positive pregnancy test you can contact us for midwifery care. We offer pregnancy care including prenatal screening, standard lab tests and ultrasounds. In your 30-45 minute long appointments you will have time get to know the midwives and ask all your questions.  Care is covered by MSP.  We do also provide care for those without BC Health Insurance and for those looking for midwifery care later in pregnancy.  

Labour & BIRTH

Midwives will support and monitor you and your baby during birthing in the setting you choose - home or hospital. We have medical staff privileges at both BC Women' s Hospital and St. Paul's Hospital


We will see you and your baby after birth for the first week at home. After that we provide care in our clinic for you both until your baby is 6 weeks old, at which time we discharge you back to your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.

If you are receiving your prenatal care from an Obstetrician and would like to request postpartum-only care with our Midwives on Team Daffodil, please request your Obstetrician to send us a referral.


We want you to feel fully informed, prepared and well supported. Being well prepared for birthing and caring for newborns helps families to feel ready and confident to make the best decisions for themselves. We offer two types of prenatal classes: a weekend course with an experienced maternity nurse and educator and a weekly evening course for six weeks with  a certified Hypnobabies instructor with years of teaching experience. Please note that many groups have shifted online during the pandemic.


Drop in, weigh your baby, chat with other families, meet new friends! 

Last Friday of every month at 10am-12pm. Check our calendar for upcoming dates and information. **ON HOLD DUE TO THE COVID PANDEMIC**

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