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Jenn Lasek, Office Administrator (Remote)

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In 1997 I witnessed the birth of my nephew. Like many other birth professionals, witnessing this first birth changed so much for me. But my love of birth remained only a 'hobby' for the next decade+. In my previous life, I worked for the Federal Government & was the "weirdo" in the office who had been to other people's births 'for fun'.


Originally from the Maritimes and after spending 7 years in Central Canada, my job brought me to BC in early 2006 & I happened to have a friend who was a doula & who worked at a Midwifery Clinic in Vancouver - this really opened my eyes to the amazing birth world we are lucky to have access to here. 


I fell even more in love with birth and also with Midwifery. In 2008, I joined the team here at Bloom as an MOA while pursuing a number of different birth-related training (including doula, childbirth educator, etc) and started teaching prenatal classes in 2009.  Ultimately, it took more than a decade but I eventually found my way to making a career focused on supporting birthing families. I love everything about educating and empowering people as they prepare for birth - which is why I am such a huge supporter of midwives: I'm also an admin nerd so it's a good fit!


In 2011 I moved to Squamish with my now-husband and spent the next several years focusing only on teaching (my soul-food) and getting / being pregnant, giving birth (with the help of midwives of course!) and raising my own babies. 


I am thrilled to have come back to Bloom supporting their wonderful team in a part-time, remote, administrative capacity!


When I'm not working (or teaching), you can find me exploring the great outdoors and adventuring with my lovely little family of two big humans, two small humans and two rescue pups... or curled up with a good book.

If you're interested in learning more about my prenatal classes, visit:

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