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Jenny Jackson, Office Manager


My path to working in medical administration was not a direct one, but I’m incredibly pleased that it led me to joining the team at Bloom! My educational background is primarily in geography and environmental sustainability -- topics which still very much impact my perspective and habits. A few years after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Victoria and following a couple of seasons running the office at a fruit packing plant in the Okanagan, I made the decision to pursue training in medical office administration. This has allowed me more opportunity to build quality connections, be of service to the people around me, and experience a different sense of fulfillment and empathy in my career.


Prior to becoming part of the team at Bloom, I spent three years as part of the administrative team at a fertility clinic on Vancouver Island. During that time, I developed knowledge of reproductive health, got a glimpse into some of the hopes, joys, and challenges for many wonderful individuals and families, and built strong relationships with those I was supporting.


I am passionate about women’s health and empowerment, and about facilitating access to the resources associated with those. I value the opportunities to focus those passions in my role at Bloom in order to provide you with attentive care and support.


Outside of work, my time is filled by walking or hiking on the beautiful West Coast, collecting handmade ceramic mugs (I love tea!), tending to my houseplants, making plans and lists for my next travel adventure, and reading historical fiction novels.

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