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Midwifery CARE

Welcome to Bloom Community Midwives!

Our Vancouver Midwives provide personalized and comprehensive midwifery care during all stages of
pregnancy,  labour, birth and early parenting.
Midwifery care offers families the expertise needed
to support a healthy pregnancy and birth, while
providing comfort and care to growing families. 


  • Fully covered by MSP/Care Card 

  • Care also provided to the non-insured

  • 30-45 minutes appointments

  • Midwife on-call for you 24hrs/day

  • Home or hospital birth

  • Home visits after birth

The midwifery practice stems from a timeless profession, enhanced by modern university-based midwifery education programs. We support our clients in achieving optimal health and the birth they choose - home or hospital. 
Personalized midwifery care for pregnancy, birth and the first precious weeks afterwards. Nutrition and exercise counselling, diagnostic testing information, birth preparation, newborn care, home visits and the option to choose home or hospital birth.


For a list of FAQs on midwifery care (from Midwives Association of BC), click left (information provided in English, Chinese, Farsi, French, Punjabi, Spanish and Arabic)

Meet our Midwives

You will have visits with each midwife in your team and will get to develop a relationship with each of them before you birth. Click here to meet our midwives
Book your First Appointment
The first visit is a great chance to meet the midwife, ask any questions about midwifery, our clinic and your pregnancy that you may have. Click below to schedule a visit with one of our midwives, or call us with any further questions.
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