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Monica Pearson, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), MSc

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The experience of becoming pregnant, giving birth, and parenting a new human is transformative. It brings with it a unique opportunity to know ourselves more completely as we face and heal wounds that often surface during this vulnerable time. 


I have been working families in the perinatal period for 16 years. First as a genetic counsellor at Women’s hospital, then as a birth Doula and a lactation counsellor. As a Clinical Counsellor I practice Acceptance Commitment Therapy, which combines self knowledge and mindfulness so we can live according to our values.


My goal is to help you uncover meaning, build acceptance, and create resiliency so that you might see yourself and live with more clarity. Together we will journey to a place where you will feel secure in your own ability to make value-based decisions and shift your approach to life so that it resonates once again with your authentic sense of self and your own inner knowing. We can often lose ourselves in the exhaustion and technicalities of caring for another life.  If we can identify what truly matters and live with this compass, this work will lead us to an intentional life filled with purpose and joy. 


I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story and walking with you as you journey through this profound chapter of your life.

(778) 806-5543

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