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Patricia Rohlfs, Registered Midwife


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I have been working with pregnant families for ten years; as a doula and breastfeeding counselor first, and now as a midwife. My experience includes supporting families from different horizons and cultures, anglophones, francophones, as well as recent immigrants, refugees and women in precarious situations. I have also learned tremendously from the indigenous families I have worked with and feel deep gratitude to have been welcomed in the privacy of so many lives.

My own story involves immigrating to Canada from Europe with my partner in 2000 and having our two children in Vancouver. This was the initial spark that led me to study midwifery at UBC. During that time, I completed placements in a variety of settings from home birth based solo midwifery to a high volume inter-professional, hospital-based team. I also did a 7-week clinical placement in Uganda. This experience keeps pushing me to develop additional skills to work in low resource environments and crisis relief settings.

As a midwife, British Columbia’s model of practice enables me to build trusting relationships with the families I work with. This trust is grounded in mutual respect and listening; it enables me to offer holistic care centered on women’s individual preferences and situation.

Alongside my new position as Assistant Head and site lead for the Department of Midwifery at Saint- Paul’s Hospital, I am thrilled to offer midwifery care in English or in French and look forward to meeting you.

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