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We are proud to offer Prenatal and Breastfeeding Educational Programs. Our workshops, lectures and classes prepare parents for stages of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting by connecting them with incredible teachers in our community. Ask questions, meet other parents and equip yourself with tools that will help and reassure you along the way.
Prenatal classes and workshops equip participants with information and tools that guide parents-to-be through the various stages of pregnancy, birth and the first precious weeks of life. 

Current Classes:

Hypnobabies (Prenatal Class)
Dancing Star Birth (Prenatal Class)
Bloom Babies Postpartum Drop-In (TEMPORARILY CANCELLED

Hypnobabies Classes 

6 Week Course

Register with Jenn at
This program is an in-depth, high quality and comprehensive 6 week, 18-hour natural childbirth class addressing all aspects of childbirth education. Recognized by DONA (Doulas Of North America) as a complete childbirth education class, it is even currently being taught at natural childbirth friendly hospitals in the US. Topics include prenatal nutrition & exercise, stages of labour, birthing choices & natural alternatives, birth plans, the use of birth balls, positions during labour, the benefit of movement and upright positions, optimal fetal positioning, complete birth partner training, and 4th trimester planning!
Ideal for parents desiring a natural birth, Hypnobabies uses visualization, relaxation and affirmations to prepare you for a POSITIVE birth experience, as well as real, medical-grade hypno-anesthesia. Using "Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis", Moms easily remain in hypnosis while walking, talking, & changing positions; being as mobile as they choose. Enjoy your babies' birth!
Hypnosis? There are SEVERAL misconceptions and a lot of mis-information surrounding hypnosis. Please take the time to learn more by visiting us at
Group and private classes are available. Group classes are kept to a maximum of 5 couples to keep the class size small and personal.  

Dancing Star Birth Childbirth Classes 

6 Week Prenatal Series
Register with Morag at

Are you looking for a prenatal class that goes beyond the ordinary? While we do cover all the same core information you would find in any prenatal class, our goal is to provide you with something more – offering a blend of information and practical tools together with a deeper sense of personal preparation for birth and new parenthood. This is childbirth preparation for your heart and mind.
We have an agenda of topics we are always sure to cover, but we also strive to tailor the class to your unique needs and interests. The result? You enjoy a childbirth class that prepares you for the full spectrum of what birth can bring – so that you can enter the unknown of your unique birth with a sense of confidence, connection and community.
For more information about what our classes cover visit us here We look forward to hearing from you.

Bloom Babies Postpartum Drop-In 

Last Friday of every month, 10am-12pm
No registration needed, Free
We invite you to join us at our monthly Bloom Babies drop in. Drop in, weigh your baby, chat with other families, meet new friends!  This event is a casual, social event hosted by our Lactation Consultant with special guests invited to speak on hot topics. For more information please contact us and check our calendar for details.
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